Valsana’s game changing ice battery

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CHF 355,000 for recognised nature conservation organisations

The Race for Nature, our centenary event, raised a total of CHF 355,795 in donations - well exceeding the originally planned sum of CHF 250,000 for nature conservation organisations!

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Race for Nature

One hundred years of the Tschuggen Collection; one hundred years of holidays in Switzerland’s most beautiful places. Now Arosa, where it all began will host a unique event to mark the occasion: the Race for Nature.

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On the search for powerful images: The Moving Mountains Photo Book

Robert Bösch is a geographer and mountain guide as well as a freelance photographer for almost 40 years and a legend of mountain photography. Now, he has collaborated with Dr. Götz Bechtolsheimer to bring to life the Moving Mountain...

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7099 Egga Farm Shop – A courageous spirit and close ties to nature

Wagyu beef – delivered on skis? Stranger things have happened. At the Valsana Hotel in Arosa, it is the farm shop 7099 Egga – more precisely, the three Hitz sisters who run it – who are responsible for bringing this vision to life.



“A pastime that clears the mind”: ice bathing with Stephanie Lehnort

Stephanie Lehnort is a host, mother, homemaker, animal lover and co-director of the 5-star Carlton Hotel in St. Moritz. To unwind, she looks to nature to find peace. This search led her to the art of ice bathing.

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Just another skin care brand? Think again.

Nature has found its way into our bathrooms thanks to new partner nooii (standing for ‘natural or organic ingredients inside’). nooii’s products contain exclusively Swiss-sourced ingredients that are produced and mixed in Switzerland.

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The perfect time for a cocktail? Any time!

Could anything embody the Ticinese joie de vivre better than an aperitivo on the piazza overlooking Lake Maggiore? But cocktails can do much more than that. In the Eden Roc Bar, for example, cocktails tell stories.

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Historical material: an interview with Swiss fabric maker Heidi Kopp

Bündnertuch embodies a piece of Graubünden's industrial history. The recipe for the fabric comes from the cloth factory founded by Fidel Tuor in 1912. Today it is the basis for the uniforms of numerous Carlton employees.

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Learning how to snurf with Claudio Laager

The Snurfer faded more and more into obscurity – hence Claudio’s mission to bring this retro pastime back to life. As part of Moving Mountains, he offers guests snurfing courses and tours.

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919 kg of CO2 saved: bike to work at the Hotel Eden Roc

31 members of staff at the Hotel Eden Roc have demonstrated just how far two wheels can take you – by forming 8 teams and taking part in the Swiss “bike to work” campaign for 2022.



Valsana’s game changing ice battery

The Tschuggen Collection has been climate-neutral since 2019. When we opened The Valsana Hotel in 2017 we put sustainability at the heart of the project. A central element of the sustainable processes is the hotel’s ice battery.



Boiling it down to the essentials: Moving Mountains in the festive kitchen

With “Nourish”, one of the five pillars of Moving Mountains, we want to provide the body with proper, local, plant-based nutrition to encourage regeneration. This is a brilliant concept to integrate into your kitchen this holiday se...

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Talking biking in Arosa with Marco Gisler

At an altitude of 1800 metres in the midst of the mountains of Graubünden, Arosa is also known as the Home of Trails. This is an incredible environment for mountain biking.

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